While doing some hard drive clean up, I found the first footage I shot with with "Brasky" - Scarlet #2732 back in August of 2012. A little hard to tell from the web compression, but the Dynamic Range of this camera is just incredible. 

I had this afternoon off and decided to play around a bit. Followed my morning routine of making coffee. Starting with waking up to the ceiling, looking out my window at two palm trees, checking the clock, then making the coffee. Or at least pouring hot water on a bag and filling with too much cream. Shot on the Red Scarlet with some canon macros and the rokinon cine primes and using the kessler cinedrive.

I found all of my father's 8mm home videos from when he was a child and they fascinated me. I pulled up some of the first footage I ever filmed. I thought both my first footage and my father's home videos had a very similar feel - Of course the obvious being the amateur feel to them, but also the feeling of curiosity and exploration. With the old 8mm cameras, there was no editing, no deleting, just film what you see and then move onto the next shot. The people who used these cameras had never used anything like that before. This gives the all of the footage a very organic, natural charm. I tried to mimic the feel of these old family videos with my own footage. The footage is from when I was studying abroad in the city of Munich, Germany.

I recently purchased the Kessler CineDrive and Parallax system. Here are some initial test shots including live motion with motion control and some timelapse footage. Not the best viewpoint or weather for the timelapse tests, but there is a visible progression and a solid proof of concept. And what basic camera test is complete with out a cat?

I was on a trip visiting the Outer Banks in North Carolina and decided to film some of my experience. I wanted to experiment with depth, color pallet, and time. I also experimented with a fun retro/grungy color grade. Includes some great timelapses, footage from an off road beach, and of course some fun fish underwater.

My father is one of those crazy people that run marathons and does triathlons. I was fortunate enough to travel with him to the small town of Tawas, Michigan back in the summer of 2010. I took advantage of the lovely scenery and the event he was in to experiment. I played around with time and color. A lot of monochrome timelapses and using blues and greens for the mids and shadows.